New features myProtime




Requesting or adding clockings now also available on smartphone

If you forgot to clock and the administrator allows this, you may add or request a clocking. Something which was previously already possible on PC or tablet can now be performed by smartphone.

Read more to find out how to enter a clocking request on your smartphone!





Clocking widget extended with the day's latest clocking

If you are able to clock in and out via myProtime, you will now also see the time of the latest clocking in the widget.




Delegation policies

From now on, you can decide for each role to whom and to which part of the company you want to enable delegation. Start delegating now!



Disabling mobile clockings

Are your staff allowed to enter clockings on desktop but not from their smartphone? From now on, this is something you can configure yourself in the booking rules! You will find these rules in the configuration screen.




Calendar: faster insights

Are your staffed planned? Do your day programs refer to planned tasks? From now on, we show the start and end time of the planned tasks in the calendars in myProtime. It says much more than the (generic) name of the day program.


Year calendar

An entire year… with the colours and shapes you already know from your other calendars of course. Is there an easier way to get an overview of all your approved and/or pending absences?

For now, the year calendar is a read-only overview of all your absences and their status.



Adding attachments to absence requests

It is now possible to upload attachments to absence requests! This much-anticipated feature enables employees to add a picture of a medical or other certificate to an absence request.

Adding an attachment is as easy as posting a selfie on Facebook or Instagram. Simply click 'add attachment' in the absence request on your mobile phone. Choose if you want to use the camera or select from your phone's library and add the picture to the request. At this point, uploading is only possible from a mobile device.

Absence requests with an attachment are recognizable by the paperclip icon. To consult the attachment simply click the attachment name. Consulting an attachment is possible on both mobile and desktop. Assigning the right to view attachments is handled in a single click within an absence policy setup.


Schedule policy

From now on, schedules are no longer shown on your employee's calendars by default... You decide who gets to see schedules or can request schedule changes!

Creating and configuring the new policy is as simple as ABC:

  • In the myProtime configuration screen, click 'schedule policy'.
  • Create your first rule and configure who gets to see and request what type of schedule. It's the same principle as your absence policies.
  • Finally, you link the policy in the org chart and you're ready to go!



Alert policy

We launched a new rule giving you control of the alerts (error messages) on the calendars! You can decide on which ones to show through policies.

Activating and configuring the policy is as easy as falling off a log:

  • Go to the configuration screen in myProtime and click 'Alert policy'.
  • Create your first policy and select who gets to see which alert.
  • The only thing left to do is link your new policy in your org chart and you're good to go!